Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Experiencing a Little Water & Life - and A Great Massage -- at Aquavie Cape May!

You're on Vacation! Check out Aquavie & Discover How to Relax!

Over the five-plus years of this blog, I have shared my love for Cape May institutions old and new, including the old like the Chalfonte Hotel and the Christian Admiral, and the new like the Beach Shack and McGlade's on the Beach.  Well now, I'd like to share my latest new Cape May love: Aquavie Cape May Day Spa. You will find Aquavie Cape May - a day spa with treats for both the woman and the man - at an east Cape May Institution: La Mer Inn. And what a find! If you're staying closer to town, then Aquavie Day Spa is well worth the trip--as my wife and I found out this weekend. Let me tell you why.

This incredible spa offers a full menu of day spa therapies and services to relax your mind and rejuvenate your body.  The spa's advertising promises that from the moment you walk in, you will be welcomed by the friendly staff and a calm, soothing atmosphere.  I can say firsthand that this is true.  When my wife and I arrived, Helene (photo below, on the right) greeted us and welcomed us as if we had known her for years. She told us about the services that Aquavie offers, including a bridal package, girls' weekend getaway package, an incredible variety of massages, aromatherapy, facials, nails, and even a champagne and rose pedicure.

Kate & Helene - the best!!
We had asked for a couples massage, and if there are other services are as nice as the couples massage (which I'm sure they are), then you are in for a real treat.  Helene and her associate, Kate, led us to a peaceful dimly-lit room with soft music playing and candles burning. They then proceeded to give us the best 90-minute(!) massage I have ever had.  Five minutes into the massage, I could feel the stress melting away. 55 minutes into the massage, I could feel myself melting away!  It was that good. My wife loved it and wants to know when we're going back!

Another great thing about Aquavie is its fair prices.  Unlike some of its competitors closer to town, Aquavie is very reasonably-priced, particularly when you consider the quality of Aquavie's services. I doubt you'll find a better massage on Cape Island. I hope you'll give Aquavie Cape May Day Spa a chance. If you do, then please make sure to tell them the CapeMayBlogger sent you!

Monday, June 23, 2014

It's Summer Time & Cape May is ... Cape May!

I'm spending a few days here before heading back to work and then returning for the Fourth of July festivities.  That photo above was taken yesterday but today looks just as beautiful. Absolutely no humidity! If you can find a way down, I recommend it!

Later today I hope to have a nice blog post about Aquavie Cape May, a new spa that you'll find located at La Mer Inn.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Here's my pop w/four of his grandchildren (the 4 that are mine) at the Millers' Favorite miniature golf course in the world: Ocean Putt!

Happy Father's Day to All the Dads out there!