Monday, April 7, 2014

Rest in Peace, Mickey Rooney

Rest in Peace, Mickey Rooney
I understand Mickey Rooney has passed.
We have lost Shirley Temple and
Mickey Rooney in one year.  Hard to
believe. Mickey had his brush
with Cape May County eight
years ago when he
hosted the Ocean City
Doo Dah Parade.

Here's how the
CapeMayTimes.Com covered it:

Mickey Rooney is Grand Marshal of Ocean City's Doo Dah Parade

I am glad that the makers of the Muppets movie saw fit to include Mickey in the scene that makes the movie: "Life is a Happy Song," when they re-booted the franchise a few years ago. My children will know they saw one of the true kings of the motion picture industry, and they saw him sing a piece of a song that really reflected the way he seemed to look at life. Life is a happy song, indeed. 

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