Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CapeMay.Com Celebrates 15 Years!

I made that twitter suggestion a few days ago and, lo and behold, I was onto something! (Most likely a coincidence.) CapeMay.Com presents 15 years of home pages (and logos) at this link:

CAPEMAY.COM: Celebrating 15 Years

Thank you to Bernie, Susan, Jess, and the rest who helped me to remember why I loved Cape May so much back in 1998 after I had been away for a few years.  They have run a photo of mine in the magazine for their This is Cape May feature, they have linked to my blog in its early days when my family and I spent a day cooking some of the Persnickety Chef's recipes, and  as I've said before their website helped convince me that I should start my own blog.  That, in turn, ultimately led to me deciding to open up a law office in Cape May County.

So I owe them quite a bit. :-)

Congrats 2 all of u!

-Mark Miller

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