Friday, August 9, 2013

New Cover, New Day

As you can see above, I have changed the "cover photo" of the blog. I try to change it up once a year or so. That last photo was kinda depressing I think.  Hopefully the above photo cheers everyone up. It's a shot taken at Poverty Beach a few weeks ago as the sun was rising at around 6am-ish.

As you know, the blog posting slowed down in July. I will do my best to try and post something everyday but I recommend you follow me on Twitter at @capemayblogger as I don't think a day has gone by where I haven't tweeted at least a few times, whereas the blog went at least a week or so without an update in July. It's much easier to tweet than blog! What a weird sentence that is.

Have a good weekend! Don't miss the Crab & Craft Beer Festival at the Physick Estate tomorrow!


  1. Mark - I love this new cover photo - makes me yearn to return to Cape May. I spent a week there this year in June... really hoping to get back in October or November for a weekend.

    Thanks again for this blog.

  2. Thank you, Anne! It's great to hear from a reader. Best time of year may be September/October - I hope you can make it!