Friday, March 22, 2013

Cape May's John Cooke Begins a New Blog

John Cooke
John Cooke, Victorian Motel impresario and President of the Cape May Chamber of Commerce, is one of Cape May's finest ambassadors. He has headed up many new activities in town that draw crowds during the off- or early-season, like the Dragon Boat races in October and the HarborFest in June.  His latest venture is his NEW BLOG titled CookeCapeMay. If you want to know what the insiders know in Cape May, then I recommend you follow John on Twitter and now on his new blog. You can probably expect many photos of sunrises, sunsets, and places off the beaten track on Cape Island. And you may get some commentary on the Cape May-centric news, too.

Best of luck, John!

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  1. Wow Cape May Blogger that's a lot to live up to. But I shall try. Thanks for the kind words.