Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best of 2012 (Part 2 of 3)

Continuing where I left off...

in May, I discovered that there are people on the Internet who love old elevators. One of those people posted a video of her surreptitious ride on the Inn of Cape May (The Colonial Hotel)'s old Otis traction elevator.  It's neat:

In June, Kenny Chesney, a country star, visited Wildwood and played a concert on the beach. Yes, this is Wildwood news and not Cape May news, but I really enjoyed watching the concert on Youtube and streaming it to my tv via some sort of device. Felt like I was there and that's a memory I won't soon forget.
Kenny Chesney in Concert (photo credit Cape May County Herald)
July was a slow month of posting because I spent the month gearing up to take (and pass, thankfully) the New Jersey Bar Exam.  I wasn't sure an old Florida lawyer could still pass a state Bar exam.  In this post in July, I posted several photos of the sun rising in Atlantic City on the morning of the first day of the exam (I took the exam at the Atlantic City Convention Center. I went for a long run that morning on the boardwalk and definitely think that helped to clear my head... and even if it didn't, at least it gave me the good photos in that post - which I repost below for convenience. (and as for a Cape May connection for this post, I stayed at Curtis Bashaw's Chelsea Hotel in A.C. while I took the exam, so that's good enough to make this a CM-related post).

Movies on the Beach has become an annual tradition that many look forward to, especially me. In August the City presented "How to Train Your Dragon," "Field of Dreams, and "Ghostbusters."   But I had seen Lord of the Rings on the beach in July (after the Bar exam), and this August post about the movies on the beach allowed me to share this photo of Movies on the Beach from the Lord on the Rings showing. (with a view of the New Convention Hall, to boot.)


CapeMay.Com posts its annual "Best of" poll results in September, and I always find out a new thing or two in the poll. One thing I already knew was that the Victorian Motel was one of the best hotel/motels in town, thanks to @CookeCapeMay (on Twitter), a/k/a John Cooke, the hotel proprietor and President of the Cape May Chamber of Commerce.  The poll takers voted it the "Best Hotel With Children" i.e., best hotel for families.

I will finish this up tomorrow...

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