Thursday, December 6, 2012

Off the Historic Watch List

One of Cape May's Historic Homes

CapeMayCountyHerald.Com reports that Cape May is Off the Historic Watch List maintained by the National Park Service.  That Cape May was added to the list had been considered a black mark on Mayor Mahaney's record so he's either lucky or blessed that the Park Service decided to remove the City from the list.


  1. "HPC Chairman Warren Coupland said Cape May was placed on the watch list in 2007 by the National Park Service. He said the city was placed on the list due to inappropriate new construction and demolition and heavy traffic."

    Cape May was placed on the Watch List in 2002 and it's standing on the list was reaffirmed in 2007. If the HPC Chairman is unaware of city's history with Preservation, then what hope does the city have? He says owning a property in the historic section of town comes with responsibilities, but gives the city a pass on their non-conforming projects on city-owned property.

    1. Time marches on. We have to make the world we want to see. If you are concerned about the HPC, Mr. Unknown, then I tell you to move to CM and get it involved with the HPC. If you're already in CM, then I say the same -- get involved.