Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best of 2012 (Post 1 of 2 or 3)

Yeah well I'm kinda stumbling to the finish line for the year here. Life just moving too fast for much blog posting but I hope to fix that in the New Year.  But now, without further ado, the Best Posts of 2012. And by "Best" I basically mean my favorites, mostly picked by month...

January 2012 - First Dawn of 2012

Youtuber DonnaHal spent last New Year's in Cape May. Thankfully, she shared this wonderful Youtube Video with us that includes First Dawn of 2012 on Poverty Beach, and then a variety of other photos/slides from around town. The video:

February 2012 - New Convention Hall Coming Along

The New Convention Hall -- for positive reasons and not-so-positive reasons -- was the story of the year in Cape May.  In this video from February, Mayor Mahaney takes Jack Fichter and the Cape May County Herald on a tour of the still-under-construction-at-the-time New Convention Hall - "the dream as it materializes into reality."

March 2012 - Beach Chair Scientist and Horseshoe Crabs

The BeachChair Scientist is one of my favorite nature bloggers. In this post from last March, I linked to her insights into horseshoe crabs.  I highly recommend following the Beach Chair Scientist if you love the natural side of Cape May (and the shore in general).

April 2012 Rest in Peace George Mesterhazy

Many loved ones with Cape May connections passed in 2012, but certainly one of the great losses of the year occurred in April when George Mesterhazy of the Merion Inn passed away. George brought joy to so many people with his piano playing and love for life.  Recquiesat in Pace.

Here's a wonderful tribute film to George that tells you about him and shows him in action. Watch it:

More Best of Posts tomorrow.

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