Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tedx Tomorrow at Convention Hall

I had hoped to attend tomorrow's TEDx event at Congress Hall but cannot make it. If you're in the area, I recommend attending. Here's some info about it from the webpage:

Journey to Cape May, America's first seaside recreation destination, 
and explore the interplay of recreation and re-creation with some of

. The program offers 12 live presentations, three TED
video presentations, discussion groups over a gourmet box
lunch and concludes with an open bar reception at the Congress Hall.
Registration fee: $50 per person including gourmet box lunch and open bar reception.
Our TEDxCapeMay program of presenters:
  •  Curtis Bashaw: Re-creation of "Service"
  •  Michael Bierut: Re-creation of "Design"
  •  Sandra Bloodworth: Re-creation of "Public Spaces"
  •  Tom Carroll: Re-creation of "Historic Places"
  •  Marguerite Chandler: Re-creation of "Enjoyment"
  •  Daniel Cohen: Re-creation of "Offshore Wind Energy" 
  •  Lynette HullRe-creation of the "Icon"
  •  Chase Jackson: Re-creation of "Life"
  •  Lauren MulhollandRe-creation of "Perseverance"
  •  Hanna Miller: Re-creation of "Cooking"
  •  Jack Morey: Re-creation of the "Kid in All of Us" 
  •  Jack Wright: Re-creation of the Resort "Rag"
There will be an exhibition of local artists sponsored by SOMA NewArt Gallery and a photography exhibit sponsored by Gail Pierson Gallery.

For more information, including how to register, check it out HERE.

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