Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Prepping 4 Sandy

Saturday's alright for storm-preparing... I know many people are ending up here looking for the webcams.  The links are over there to the right and scroll down a bit ---------------------->
and at least as of Saturday 12:45pm the first two live web cameras (the one pointing at  the beach in front of Cabanas and the one that shows the Cove and moves from east to west) all appear to be online.

Here's a random series of photos that people have tweeted both yesterday and today from Cape May.

Photo Credit @CookeCapeMay

That's the well-known Belvedere looking VERY ready! Kudos.

Photo Credit @ACLee Lee Procida of AC Press
 Also kudos to the city for being pro-active about the boardwalk benches, as seen above.

Photo Credit Facebook Patricia A. Smith 
As noted elsewhere, that sand pile in front of Convention Hall looks like a strange sort of storm precaution.  Hopefully the City was given good info that this sand would help protect Convention Hall. In defense of the City, similar sand piles have been seen in other beach towns in NJ so perhaps there's a method here that escapes the layperson.

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