Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here Comes Sandy -Mandatory Evacuation in Place in Cape May City

Here's a few screenshots from the Cove live camera taken this morning for you (scroll down for video and photos):

As you can see, the jetty that many people fish off of every morning during the summer is virtually totally submerged!

If nothing else, Cape May certainly had notice that Sandy was on her way. The latest projection I've seen, Sunday morning the 28th, is that the storm should hit a bit further up the Jersey coast -- closer to Asbury Park, I suppose, if you're looking for true Jersey Shore symmetry.

Here's some video of the Ocean topping the wall by Poverty Beach, courtesy the Cape May County Herald:

And here's some tweeted or facebooked photos:

Jim's Bait & Tackle boarding up
Sunset Beach Waiting for Sandy
If you're in Cape May or anywhere near the storm, please be careful!

More news and photos as they develop...

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