Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This and That

Here's a story about what appears to be a good first summer season for Cape May's new Convention Hall. And here's a nice little story by Jen Miller about "shlocals" -- people who spend their summers at the shore but don't live there year-round. I call those people semi-locals, and I used to be one of them. Not saying my term is the correct term, mind you. But it does seem less clunky.


  1. As a true local (as defined by the Shoobie column of Exit 0) most of us call them shlocals call us crazy

  2. Hello Drunken Disasters and thank you for the visit! I look forward to reading your guide to the bars of Cape May and Wildwood. For my other readers, you can follow Drunken Disaster's guide to the bars at this site: http://drunkendisastersandculinarymasters.wordpress.com/

    I appreciate hearing from a local and I do find that word shlocal very interesting. I had never heard it before Jen mentioned it but if it's being used in CM then I suppose it's probably here to stay.