Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Stuff on the Blog

The Cove

Well, I tried to change the look of the blog but I didn't like it much so other than the top photograph I guess it will stay the same.  BUT... let me point out a few changes that are not so obvious as the look. One, I have linked to a new Cape May-related website called CapeMayResort.Com run by Ryan Reclaim.  Ryan has quickly created a very nice Cape May-related site and he also tweets a daily run-down of the news; you can find that news link by following Ryan on Twitter right HERE. Ryan's resort site is in my links to the right.

Also, I have finally updated the webcam links that had been broken for quite a while. You will find a link to the Cove webcam right here and also over in the links section of this page and you can look here to see the webcam that looks out at the beach from the top of Cabanas Bar. That link is also permanently on the right side of the page with the other Cape May links.

Have a great day, everyone!

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