Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ghostbusting on the Beach

The Cape May Chamber of Commerce ends this year's Movie Night on the Beach series with a summer classic from 1984: Ghostbusters.  Check it out this Thursday night on Stockton Beach by Convention Hall.  Anyone who remembers summers in the '80s in Cape May knows that each summer a movie and a song dominated the landscape in a way that movies and songs don't really achieve anymore.  In 1984, there is no question that Ghostbusters was that movie, although I suppose Purple Rain was a close second.  Ray Parker, Jr.'s theme song was one of the songs of that summer (as was Prince's When Doves Cry, but again I'd put that a close second).  Of course, if we're talking Jersey and talking 1984, Bruce Springsteen's blockbuster Born in the USA album also dominated the music scene, with Dancing in the Dark being his big hit that summer.

Perhaps Ghostbusters seems bigger than those other songs (and movie) to me in part because I was young (13) at the time, and Ghostbusters made more of an impression.  But anyway, I think it's a great pick for the final summer movie of the Movie Night on the Beach series for 2012.

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