Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City

Unfortunately for me, the state of New Jersey required me to spend a few days in Atlantic City in order to take the Bar Exam.

 I found the town quite sad and consistent with Springsteen's take on the city, despite the fact that Bruce's song Atlantic City is 30+ years old.
 I woke up early on the first day of the test in order to exercise and get the brain juice flowing.
 I don't think it helped, but it did give me the opportunity to take these sunrise photos over the AC boardwalk.  Enjoy.
(P.S. I nearly always write about Cape May but do reserve the right to venture up the coast (usually to Wildwood, but today a bit further) when the spirit moves me.  Please allow the digression.)

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  1. Mark best of luck on your Bar Exam in NJ, I added a link of your Blog Site to our Cape May Resort Blog, I will also add you to the Cape May Resort Site...for reciprocal links...thanks great pix of AC