Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Shore Stories" - An Anthology of the Jersey Shore

Back in 1998 the wonderful publisher Down the Shore Publishing put together a fantastic anthology of works (fiction, poetry, photography, & non-fiction) called Shore Stories.  I cannot recommend this work highly enough, as I have gone back to it time and again to read the short stories, and portions of larger stories, that the editor carefully picked for this work.  Some of the authors published in Shore Stories include: Gay Talese, John McPhee, and William Wharton -- if you know writing, you know this is a who's who of New Jersey writing powerhouses.

You can buy Shore Stories right HERE, by the way.

One of the poems in the book was written by Karen Zaborowski, a high school English teacher from Atlantic County.  I hope she won't mind if I reproduce it here since I'm giving her credit:

Beach Glass -- Cape May Point
by Karen Zaborowski

She drifts toward me and bends
to scoop grains of wet sand.
She searches the loam for something
like shells, clear-white pebbles
the locals call diamonds.  I see by her mouth
she will talk to me, a stranger
resting by the edge of the tide
and my fine silences rushes away.
You can search forever and never find blue,
she says, as if I, too, need this blue thing.
She spreads her hands to show greens
and browns, cloudy edges, all ordinary.
She lifts the blue pendant which dangles
around her neck.
Once I prayed for a blue diamond
in the sport where you're sitting, 
and this glass washed up to my feet, 
a miracle from God.
I listen to dune grass smoothed by wind,
my roughness sanded down.
Solitude is all I ask of God, I say,
but she is drawn away
and follows her path.
A gull tosses back its head, laughs like one
dismissing a foolish idea.
It drifts on its own luck,
searching for a clamshell or a crab,
as the surf washes over my toes,
my skin-- marks my belonging
a little more each time.

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