Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Jersey Monthly Features Cape May for its Annual Shore Guide

New Jersey Monthly just released its annual Shore Guide for 2012, and two of our favorite things are the stars of this year's Shore Guide: Cape May and freelance writer Jersey Shore Jen Miller. Jen penned a wonderful article about the "upscale newcomers [who] have brought 21st Century appeal to New Jersey's southernmost resort."  You can read Jen's great article here -- and I would call it great even if your humble ole' Cape May Blogger didn't get a mention in the article! But putting me in the article certainly makes the article just that much greater! (he's not kidding -- ed.)  Talk about knocking me over with a feather.  You can also read about John Cooke, Jack Wright, Ben Miller, and many more of Cape May's illustrious residents and visitors in the article, as well.  Plus, there are other articles about Cape May in the issue, including an article about Cape May's birdman, Pete Dunne.

Illustration courtesy New Jersey Monthly.

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