Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bed Bath & Beyond Expanding to Cape May Boardwalk?

As the new Bed Bath & Beyond Convention Hall gets set to open in Cape May, here's a little history of the prior Convention Halls to bring you up to speed on how we reached a point where the City of Cape May could build a big box store (complete with a red scrolling LED digital sign) on the boardwalk and call it a Convention Hall.

Photo of New Convention Hall courtesy George Rea Sr. & The Community at Facebook: Cape May Good Times. 


  1. How disappointing! This would completely destroy the unique-ness of Cape May. I would hate to see Cape May businesses being edged out by stores like The Gap, Pay Less Shoes etc. What's next for Cape May, a Target on the promenade?

  2. I'm sorry if this was unclear. This is not actually a Bed, Bath & Beyond. It LOOKS like one, but it's actually the new Convention Hall. I was commenting on the blandness of the architecture here; the City had an opportunity to build a true beauty of a building and instead opted for something you would see in any strip mall in the country.