Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shelton College Blast from the Past

The Cape May Good Times Facebook group provided a link to this treasure from the past: a Shelton College Pamphlet, featuring Reverend McIntyre and photos of the Admiral (the "residence for women") and Congress Hall (the "residence for men").

 So what is the photo above? That's a portion of a google maps bird's-eye view of what remains of Shelton College today. Those nondescript buildings in the upper left corner are the buildings that made up much of Shelton "campus" (when you don't include the hotels and Angel of the Sea, etc.) To calibrate yourself, this is the eastern side of Cape May -- the bottom right corner is the beginnings of Poverty Beach, where Beach Drive ends. If that doesn't help you to understand the photo, then perhaps you know Cape Roc Condominium? That's Cape Roc and it's light-colored expansive parking lot in the bottom middle of the photo. But I insist that you click on the link above to the Shelton College pamphlet. It is a riot.

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