Thursday, December 22, 2011

Post-Employment Benefits for Me, but not for Thee

According to this story in the AC Press--

Cape May, Cape May Point officials want New Jersey to end unemployment benefits for seasonal workers  --

city officials in both Cape May and Cape May Point believe life guards should not receive unemployment during the off season.  I thought these benefits were both well known and well accepted but according to the story, the mayor of Cape May Point had no idea such was the case.  Cape May Mayor Ed Mahaney and City Manager Bruce MacLeod both support the idea of eliminating these benefits, as well.  Their point is that once you are no longer working for the city, you should no longer receive benefits from that prior employment.

Apparently it's not much money when compared to those cities' budgets but the city officials feel this is a place to make a stand on principle -- eliminating benefits for those who guard the lives of tourists and locals alike during the summer.

 Money is tight these days and every penny must be accounted for, according to MacLeod and Mahaney. Mr. Mahaney says in the story:

“Our position is these seasonal employees have applied for a seasonal job. They know there is no employment after a certain date,” Mahaney said.

You have to have a great deal of respect for principled politicians like Mayor Mahaney and City Manager Bruce MacLeod.  I anticipate the next move Mahaney and MacLeod will make is to eliminate any sort of post-employment benefits -- like say, pensions -- that they receive.  Once these city officials have moved on from their job, neither of them should be paid, if I understand their principled stand correctly.  They applied for a job and they know there is no employment once they leave their jobs -- those are Mayor Mahaney's words, after all.

Please let me know when MacLeod and Mahaney renounce any pension benefits to which they were formerly entitled.  Every penny must be accounted for in these tough economic times.  And these two men of principle are just the men to set an example for the rest of us.

ADDENDUM:  It has been brought to my attention that some readers of this post believe I am supporting the Mayor and City Manager's decision to seek to terminate unemployment benefits for seasonal workers like lifeguards.  Apparently my sense of humor and sarcasm are too subtle (or my writing skills are terrible).  I am criticizing the Mayor and City Manager in this post, as I'm sure they would not renounce any pension benefits they have (the City Mgr has pension benefits, I am not sure the Mayor does).  My point is that there are many better places to cut costs than on the backs of the unemployed seasonal workers.

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