Friday, December 30, 2011

Five Posts from the First Half of 2011

I did a review of my favorite posts in 2009, but failed to do so in 2010.  So, here is my bi-annual review of my favorite posts from the year.  These are posts from January through June 2011. Tomorrow I'll feature the second half of the year, which was a bit more eventful.  Without further ado, and in no particular order...

On June 14th I wrote a personal blog entry about what starts and ends my favorite type of day in Cape May: Sunrise~Sunset at the Point.  My son and I start the day at dawn, fishing at the Alexander Street Jetty. Catching a fish or two is gravy -- it's spending the time with my son at the most peaceful place on Earth that makes this morning special.  And then, regardless of what we do the rest of the day, ending the day with Marvin Hume's flag ceremony at Sunset Beach as the sun sinks into the bay.  I wonder if I'll ever find a more perfect day than one that begins and ends at the Point.  I doubt it.

That same month the world lost a giant of a man when it lost Clarence Clemons.  His passing is related to Cape May in that: 1) he is a legend of the Jersey shore; 2) his saxophone, and his lead singer's voice, dominated the summer of 1984 in Cape May; and 3) this is my blog and I can do what I want.  I'm not much of a Lady Gaga fan but I do appreciate that she featured the Big Man on her most recent album, on the song named Edge of Glory that gave Clarence one last chance to reach the top of the charts.  Listen for his solo; it brings a tear to my eye.  I don't think it's an accident that song has more soul than most any other song I've heard by this latest pop diva... and I give her immense credit for recognizing the immortal talent Clarence had. Rest in peace, big man.

Probably not new to you, but new to me in 2011 was Harpoon Henry's Restaurant in North Cape May.  We celebrated Father's Day there, and were dumbfounded that such a great restaurant was hidden away where seemingly few tourists know about it.  We went a second time for good measure, and can't wait to hit it again this summer. If you haven't been there, you need to go.

If you've been reading this blog a while you're familiar with Terry O'Brien and his world-famous Terry'oke. I may not be as famous as his most famous Terry-oke-singer (that would be Anne Hathaway), but my family and I loved our chance to shine on his stage at Congress Hall's Boiler Room.  You need to try Terry'Oke if you have not tried it yet -- and this is coming from someone who had never done karaoke previousy!

And finally, I featured the old La Mer Golf Course earlier this year.  I got a lot of feedback from that post, and even ended up corresponding once or twice with the now-grown-up daughter of the La Mer owner.  I remember her when she was a little kid and I was a bit older, playing the video games for hours that La Mer had sitting next to the golf course.  Based on the many replies I got to that post, the La Mer Golf Course is one of the truly missed things-to-do in Cape May.

Tomorrow I will feature the second half of the year, including a visit from a hurricane, and other fun memories.

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