Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Remembering Cape May

I have mentioned the old Steger's Store on Beach Avenue many times in the past, but until now I've never seen photos on the web of the store. But thanks to the wonderful Facebook group Cape May Good Times, I now have photos of Steger's to go with my memories. These photos are just the tip of the iceberg. The members of this Facebook group share photos going back more than a century. For example, today Richard Gibbs posted a photo of a trotter/race horse on Beach Ave. right in front of the corner of Beach and Ocean Street. In the background you can see the Colonial Hotel/Inn of Cape May, and in the foreground just behind the trotter there's a store ("Smith's Studio") at the corner of the intersection (where the grass lot/pool sits today for the Inn of Cape May). I cannot begin to describe how evocative this photo is -- it shows a corner we all know and recognize but it shows it as it looked more than 100 years ago. I'm not going to post the photo because I demand that you go look at it on Facebook at the Cape May Good Times group. You'll thank me after you go look at that group and see all the great photos they have shared with the rest of us.

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