Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Mid-Afternoon Update Post Irene

The Governor announced that the Parkway is open going Southbound as of 1pm. I understand 47 and 55 are also open, although I'd be careful about downed trees, etc.

I can't answer definitively whether you have power, if you are a property owner in Cape May. I can tell you that around 20k people don't have power in CM County, per the power company about 30 minutes ago. But the Ugly Mug is opening at 5pm -- so you know the Mug has power. And anecdotally it sounds like power was not lost much on the island, other than briefly. But again -- that's anecdotal. I don't know with certainty.

And for the many people who ended up here looking for webcams, I can tell you that just about all of the Cape May webcams went down early yesterday and they were down throughout the storm, best I can tell. Unfortunately. Even though the power didn't go out much on the island, my understanding is that if the power even blinks on and off, the cameras have to be re-set. And obviously, re-setting webcams was not a priority during the hurricane.

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