Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lower Township May Host 9/11 Sunset Beach Ceremony

The Hume Family has suggested that Lower Township take over this year's flag ceremony on 9/11. The Shore News Today reports:

LOWER TOWNSHIP – Sunset Beach is known for its daily flag ceremony, in which, at sunset, it lowers the flag that flew over the beach that day – and, each day, it is the casket flag of a United States veteran.

Marvin Hume, whose family owns the commercial part of the beach, is known as the heart and soul of the daily ceremonies.

For nine years the Hume family also has sponsored a Sept. 11 program, attended by local officials, residents and visitors.

Monday night, Marvin Hume’s daughter Sharon invited township council to take over the Sept. 11 ceremony, and council indicated that it would be pleased to take a look at what is involved.

The flag used at the Sept. 11 ceremony is that of Paul Cancini, a firefighter who died in the first tower down on Sept. 11, 2001.

“That was his favorite place to go, with his wife and children,” Sharon Hume told council. “It was his wife who approached my father …. about flying Paul’s flag.”

“We’ve been flying it ever since, and we’ll keep flying it until her children are ready to let this go,” she said.

But the day has become so large that the township should consider taking over the event, Hume proposed.

Her family empties out the Sunset Beach parking lots for the day each Sept. 11 to make way for the crowds and special guests, she said.

“This is not about making more money,” she said, noting that her family’s businesses do little business with the parking lots closed. “This is about honoring what happened.”

“They’ve done an outstanding job,” Councilman Glenn Douglass said of the Humes. “To me, it’s probably one of the best programs put on for Sept. 11 in our county.”

It's hard to believe that ten years have already passed. I suppose NYC, Washington DC, and the field in P.A. where Flight 93 crashed will provide the national pictures that we watch on the anniversary. But I expect few places in this world will honor those we lost with more dignity, and solemnity, than Cape May Point and this year's 9/11 Sunset Beach ceremony.

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