Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene Evacuation: Ways to Monitor Cape May From a Distance

Cape May County is under a mandatory evacuation order so I expect if you're reading this you are reading from out-of-town -- either as a shoobie who loves Cape May or a local who has had to leave everything behind and is now praying for a last-minute turn away from our favorite city. To that end, this post includes links to cameras and radio stations. I will update as I find more.


As of Friday morning, August 26th, here are the webcams and whether they are working:

STRIPERCAM.COM -- this is the granddaddy of Cape May webcams as far as I know. There are a few webcams here. When you click on that link, you likely are brought to the webcam that overlooks Cape May Harbor. Alternatively, you may be looking at a view from the top of the Jetty Motel, looking at the Lighthouse. Regardless of the view, to the left of the webpage you'll see a link for "Live Shore Cams" -- click on those words and you'll find links for both the webcams I just described, as well as links to webcams that overlook Cape Island Creek, Wildwood, Point Pleasant, etc. As of this morning (Friday), the Striper Cams for Cape May are WORKING.

The Surfer's View: The Surfer's View website provides webcams for all over Jersey, including the Beach in front of Marquis de Lafayette HERE and the Cove right HERE. The Cove camera is particularly good b/c it scans from the end of the Promenade to the wetlands to the right/south of the Jetty Motel. In other words, it's not a static view -- it changes. These cameras are working as of Friday morning.

There is a La Mer webcam but it is not a streaming cam, it takes a snapshot every ten minutes or so. As of this morning it looks like it's not working - the view is from 8/22/11 (last Monday).

If you want to see the view from Wildwood, the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce provides three different webcams at this link. There's a camera looking at the boardwalk, one looking at the Ferris Wheel, and one pointing at the beach.

Ben Miller, Cape May and Exit Zero historian (no relation), passed along this link that collates many if not all of the beach webcams in South Jersey. Thanks, Ben!


Two Cape May County radio stations, Fun 106.7 and 98.7 The Coast are broadcasting a steady stream of local hurricane news as of Friday morning. The links are working as of Friday morning. The stream is the same broadcast on both stations, as they are owned by the same entity.

WIBG.FM, 94.3 on your radio dial, is now based in Atlantic County but they tend to focus on Cape May County. As of this morning they are broadcasting live.

That's a start. I know I will be watching and listening, hoping to hear and see good news. If you know of additional places to get Cape May news live, send it to me and I will post the links.

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  1. Thank you for this! I'm a nervous wreck over Cape May even though I'm confident my house will weather the storm alright. Fingers and toes crossed.