Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"how hard is hurricane irene going to hit cape may?"

When the search terms that bring someone to your blog are "How hard is Hurricane Irene going to hit Cape May?," you realize that things are looking a bit bleak for our favorite little beach town. This morning I remained optimistic that Hurricane Irene would end up well east of Cape May before reaching the southern Jersey area. I had followed the hurricane closely since Sunday, and the models consistently moved it further and further east each time they updated. Unfortunately, as of the 11pm update it looks like the models are now consistently showing Irene veering dangerously close to Cape May. There is a gap between Irene and Cape May -- that's good! -- but it's not as big a gap as any of us will like.

Although I am not as optimistic about significant movement to the east as I was this morning, it's still possible. The hurricane remains almost four days out from CM. Let's hope the eastward track begins again. (Note: some forecasters like John Bolaris are seeing a slight westward trend). I will try to follow up tomorrow morning, perhaps after the 8 am update.

This post written at 11:10pm on Wednesday, August 24th. Keep that in mind if you're reading it for the first time on Thursday morning or even later in the day.


  1. If you take a walk around South Cape May you can get an idea of how bad this could end up being. I got out of the Point around 3pm. Parkway trucks were gearing up to reverse the direction of the southbound lanes. Rt 47 and 55 will be one way out too. I'm in Smithville now. We have a mandatory evac for tomorrow morning. (All of Atlantic County east of rt.9)

  2. Cris -- thanks for leaving a comment. Be Safe and let's hope for a turn.