Sunday, July 31, 2011


Why not check out one of Cape May's beautiful churches, like the United Methodist Church on Washington Street near the Mall.


Why not check out one of Cape May's beautiful churches, like the United Methodist Church on Washington Street near the Mall.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cape May Reporting From South Florida

I had hoped to report today about Cape May's own Matt Szczur, a future major league baseball star currently playing for the Class A Daytona Cubs. The Cubs played the St. Lucie Mets yesterday, and all-star Johan Santana was making his first pitching start since leaving baseball with a serious injury late last year. Santana impressed, pitching three innings of shutout ball, never going to more than two balls on any count. He hit one batter, but other than that he looked very much in control. Unfortunately, Matt did not get to face Santana, as Matt injured a finger (a minor injury) a night or two before yesterday's game. Thus, he was held out as a precaution, although I did see Matt in his No. 11 jersey warming up with the outfielders, etc.

Matt graduated from Lower Cape May Regional High School a few years ago. He is very well-liked, and I know the guys and girls at Shields Bike Rental on Gurney Street are very proud of their former fellow employee. Matt was a two-sport star at Villanova, and also made a name for himself when he donated bone marrow to save a young girl's life.

If you want to follow Matt on his trek to the big leagues, his twitter handle is superSZCZ4.

Photo above is Johan Santana about to throw his first in-game pitch in almost a year. Presumably, Matt is one of those guys standing on the railing in the visitor's dugout in the background. Photo credit to me.

Cape May Reporting From South Florida

I had hoped to report today about Cape May's own Matt Szczur, a future major league baseball star currently playing for the Class A Daytona Cubs. The Cubs played the St. Lucie Mets yesterday, and all-star Johan Santana was making his first pitching start since leaving baseball with a serious injury late last year. Santana impressed, pitching three innings of shutout ball, never going to more than two balls on any count. He hit one batter, but other than that he was very impressive. Unfortunately, Matt did not get to face Santana, as Matt injured a finger (a minor injury) a night or two before yesterday's game. Thus, he was held out as a precaution, although I did see Matt in his No. 11 jersey warming up with the outfielders, etc.

Matt graduated from Lower Cape May Regional High School a few years ago. He is very well-liked, and I know the guys and girls at Shields Bike Rental are very proud of their former fellow employee. Matt was a two-sport star at Villanova, and also made a name for himself when he donated bone marrow to save a young girl's life.

If you want to follow Matt on his trek to the big leagues, his twitter handle is superSZCZ4.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two Hours in Cape May

Guy and Girls Travels is written by a free-lance writer at the shore. Not surprisingly, she has a nice post about how to spend your time on a short trip to Cape May. Pretty good plan when you only have time for a brief visit, if you ask me. But better to spend more time in town.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Brits Love Cape May

Great article in the U.K. Guardian about Cape May. Hat tip to Chamber of Commerce President John Cooke for noticing the article first.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Panico's Bistro & A Book About the Admiral

Panico's Bistro in West Cape May gets a very nice write up in today's Fredricksburg Md.'s newspaper. I don't know how I've missed Panico's Bistro but I will check it out next time I'm in town, as should you.

Yesterday's post about the Admiral brought us a visit from Linka Odom, the photographer who took those great pictures. Linka, currently a student in London, is writing a book about the Admiral and would love for you to share your memories of the Admiral with her. If you're interested, write her at her email address, which you can find HERE. (I am not putting the actual email address on this page b/c my limited understanding of this internet-thing is that spambots trawl the net looking for email addresses to spam. But you can find the email address at her website.)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Revisiting the Christian Admiral

Linka Anne Odom is a photographer who had the opportunity to photograph the Christian Admiral in its last few years. Her photos of the Admiral are for the most part tremendously sad; a few of them remind you of the grandeur of the hotel, but for the most part they remind you of how sad it looked at the end. She writes about her visits to the hotel on her blog:

The Christian Admiral documents an abandoned edifice built in 1905 on the New Jersey coast. The building has a long and dramatic history, initially built as a luxury hotel with over 300 rooms. In the first and second world wars it was used as a medical center for the US Navy. In 1962 it was purchased by a reverend and became a bible conference hotel until Cape May city officials closed it to the public in 1991.

I discovered the building while visiting Cape May in 1993 and I became completely enraptured by it. Over the next three years I made several trips, each visit led me to new ways of seeing and documenting space. It is obvious why I was so taken with the building. It was as if an alarm had sounded and everyone ran out leaving all belongings. My attraction was visual and physical. I distinctly remember the moment I stepped inside, I had a flashback to the flapper era, seeing a woman leaning against a piano smoking from a long cigarette holder. Each time I visited, I would speak openly to the energy’s within this building, and ask permission to document the space. For me the hotel is a representation of the changing facade of the American landscape, in particular the value of coastal land, and the deterioration of historic landmarks. The images also contain numerous Christian undertones, which allude to the growing religious movement and its hypocritical nature, as everything falls down around these Christian symbols.

In 1995 I took a year off from my undergraduate education. I returned to school in 1996 and jumped in my car to visit the Admiral. I remember the moment I saw where the hotel had stood and it was gone. My heart sank as I read the sign, ‘For Sale, 17 Beach Front Estates’.

Here are a few more of her photos:

I highly recommend that you check out her website. I'm not sure how I had missed her site previously, but if you loved the Admiral you will love Ms. Odom's website.

all photos courtesy Linka Anne Odom

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Future Replenishment to Address Slope of Beaches

Interesting article in the AC Press today about an effort to replenish the beaches in a way that does not cause the severe sand cliffs, and breakers at the edge of the ocean, that we have seen over the last few years. The article emphasizes that for the most part replenishment has been very good for Cape May (which is undoubtedly true).

But, the article notes that neck and back injuries have gone up since replenishment began. I know the good breakers, the ones I would have body surfed many years ago, are now many times too close to the end of the surf to body surf safely, as the waves will throw you into the sand. I can say first hand that I injured my neck at Poverty Beach while body surfing many years before replenishment began, so the injuries are not solely caused by the replenishment (sprained my neck while bodysurfing, ended up in a neck brace for part of the summer a long, long time ago). That being said, it's nice to see that the Army Corp of Engineers is planning to address this growing problem.

The Cove Beach, pictured above, has benefited from replenishment.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

West Cape May's Art in the Park Today

West Cape May's Art in the Park will be held this year both TODAY and on August 20 in Wilbraham Park from 10-6. Local and Regional artists will show and have for sale watercolors, oils, pastels as well as pottery, stained glass and photography. Meet and mingle with the artists in this lovely park setting. Some will be working on site. These much anticipated summer events benefit the West Cape May PTA and the West Cape May History Committee.

Wilbraham Park is at the intersections of Broadway, Sunset Blvd and West Perry Streets in West Cape May. Some of the regular artists featured this year are Pat Rainey with watercolors, Christine Peck with photography, Rich Flanegan with pastels and oils and Margeret Heuges with oil paintings. Some new attendees are Fabrice Allen with Mosaics, Jen Smith with Collage and Micheal Taylor with burled wood.

photo of Wilbraham Park by yours truly

Friday, July 22, 2011

Just When You Think You've Seen Everything

Acme Style is a blog devoted to, well, umm, Acme style. That is, the way different Acme supermarkets look and feel. It's actually a pretty interesting blog, and of course they feature our beloved Cape May Acme on Lafayette across the street from the mall. [Ed. note -- beloved? Me: Yes, beloved. In a we-don't-have-any-other-choice-sort-of-way.]

And in case that's not enough Acme for you, most recently the website featured the Bayshore Road Acme in North Cape May.

Have a good weekend!

photo of the Cape May Acme mural courtesy the Acme Style Blog.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Flipper's Fascination

Thanks to the A&E Network's Hoarders tv show, Wildwood's Randy Senna -- a/k/a/ Mr. Fascination -- is the man of the hour in the south Jersey internet world. Hoarders is a show about people that hoard stuff, and it is very interesting in a car wreck sort of way. Randy doesn't really fit the show but I can see why they featured him.

Randy has a warehouse full of pinball games, and other assorted stuff, in Wildwood in the old Woolworth's store. He also has a game room on the boardwalk, and if you've been to the boardwalk I'm sure you've heard him on the microphone. He loves the game Fascination, which is an old boardwalk game like Bingo that the Cape May arcade has some variation of. The game involves rolling balls into holes and trying to land the balls in a row before your competitors do (the Cape May version is for a single player, it's a bit different but it looks similar). Anyway, the great new Goingtotheshore.com Blog has posted a number of videos about Randy.

You can watch more videos of Mr. Fascination Randy Senna right here, thanks to Going to the Shore.

Life is about the characters you meet. Mr. Senna is definitely a memorable character.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Contrarian Consultant Visits Cape May

Alan Weiss is a business consultant who maintains the Contrarian Consulting Blog. He has a very good writing style and his advice makes sense.

Why am I featuring his blog here on a Cape May Blog? Well, each year he writes about his family trip to Cape May and I have featured his posts in the past. That is his great summer morning boardwalk photo above. If Alan follows his posting habits of the last few years, I expect a number of nice CM photos & stories this week. Check him out.

photo above by Alan Weiss.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great Birding Blog

Don't know how I've missed the blog known as this.great.planet until now. This blogger, who is fixated on seeing as many 'lifer' birds as possible, has many great Cape May posts, many with photos. To see a few of them, try here, here, and here.

The birds above are not lifer birds. They're your average everyday gulls. But it's as good a place as any to post this photo of gulls at the Point.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cabanas Beach Volleyball Tournament (& other stuff)

If you're in Cape May, check out Cabanas' Beach Volleyball Tournament. It runs all day today; presumably it's on the beach in front of Cabanas.

A North Floridian blogs about her love for the South Jersey shore, which includes parasailing. You won't find me on a parasail, although it does look fun.

Mike Crewe (the Britbirder) is back in Cape May and reporting on daily bird sightings at the Cape May Bird Observatory's Daily Field Reports Blog. Hopefully Mike will get back to updating his blog.

Friday, July 15, 2011

End of the Line?

According to Susan Tischler of CapeMay.Com, the judge reviewing the Beach Theatre case has said that the Beach Theatre Foundation cannot intervene in the case. I hope that's wrong but I don't think Susan Tischler would have posted that information if it wasn't true. Once I see confirmation I will post that news.

Has the City of Cape May successfully pulled the plug on one of its landmarks?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekly Bike Tours Starting From the Nature Center

Shore News Today lets us know that the Nature Center is offering 12 mile bike tours with two naturalists each Wednesday morning this summer at 9:30am. The tours start at the Nature Center (by the Harbor 1600 Delaware Avenue) and then go all around the island -- all the way out to Higbee Beach, and all points in-between. Cost is $10 for adults, $7 for children You need to bring a bike with you. I've said it before -- there's no better way to see Cape May than from a bike. And this tour sounds like a particularly good way to see part of the island that many don't often see.

I don't think the bike pictured above would work for the tour. But today's story gives me an excuse to use the photo.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Reason to Support the BTF

If you support the saving of the Beach Theatre and like art, you may want to consider making a donation to the Beach Theatre Foundation in exchange for a print of the above artwork. And I would click through to the link b/c I don't think that little photo above does the artwork justice. Here's a description of the deal:

Your tax-deductible donation of $80 will bring you a signed, suitable-for-framing copy of the print and help the BTF continue in their fight to save Cape May's last original theatre.

Each high quality color print measures 11.75" x 18" and will make a great gift for yourself or any other fan of Cape May, the Beach Theatre & the iconic marquee (sadly now removed).

Clayton Thomas donated his original painting to the foundation in 2007 to help raise donations for the theatre. He has graciously offered to sign each print individually. Thomas is based out of Collingswood. His work is truly unique as it blends styles and genres into vivid landscapes of color. Familiar, contemporary and yet altogether new and unique.


To make the donation, you can click here. I should note that any day now I would expect a ruling from the judge considering whether to allow the Beach Theatre Foundation to interven in the proposed settlement between the City and the owners of the theatre.
I will bring you that news as soon as I can once it's released.

In other news, don't miss this moving article -- published in Texas of all places -- that gives us a first-person account of a visit to Marvin Hume's flag ceremony at Cape May Point. Very moving (of course).

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Twitter stuff

Gurney Street This Morning (July 12, 2011) by John Cooke

I'm sure you've noticed I added my Twitter feed to the left side of the page. I know the name is stupid but I'm telling you Twitter is a great place to get Cape May news and to get it immediately. For example, the photo above was taken this morning by John Cooke, the President of the Cape May Chamber of Commerce. There are photos posted constantly to Twitter, it becomes like your own version of the Cape May Photo of the Day. Mr. Cooke's Twitter feed is one of the best to follow to get Cape May news; some other good Cape May-related feeds include:
Emil Salvini's feed, the La Mer Inn feed, and Louisa of Louisa's Restaurant. You should also check out Jersey Shore Jen's feed, which covers the whole South Jersey coast.

Again, I know it sounds silly -- but Twitter is a great resource to get your Cape May fix taken care of.

Thank you to John Cooke for the photo!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lots o' Cape May Blog Posts

Jenn, a blogger who writes about fine living, has an interesting post about her recent trip to CM, with a few great photos, right here.

Our favorite Margaret Montet has a nice new blogpost on the West Cape May and the Ferry Fresh Farmers' Markets. The Ferry Farmers' Market takes place at, where else, the ferry. That's a new one scheduled for Saturdays all summer; and the West Cape May Market on Tuesday afternoons can't be beat.

But the find of the morning is the three-part series about Cape May written by the blogger at Pearls & Prose. Ms. Pearl is a fantastic photographer; you can see her knock out photos from the last few weeks in Cape May in her three part series about Cape May: HERE, HERE, and HERE.

The photo above is one of Ms. Pearl's photos, we all know those homes but I found the angle striking.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Now here's a good word for Scrabble or Words with Friends. "Salp" are little mini jellyfish-looking things that have been in the waters of Cape May the last few weeks, according to this article from Patch.Com. Based on the number of searches for jellyfish in Cape May that are hitting my blog, I'm guessing many people have been wondering about these salp things. From the article:

The salp is a simple, filter-feeding organism that is somewhat related to the common jellyfish, with one major difference— the salp is a member of the phylum Chordata, meaning that in at least some part of its life cycle, it has a spinal cord.

While they make for a slimy ocean swim, salps are actually harmless to humans and, scientists believe, may help to remove carbon dioxide from the environment.

You learn something new everyday.

photo of salp from Patch.Com

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Webcam Adds Another Live Cape May Ocean View

If you've been reading this blog a while then you certainly know that there are two live webcams showing the Cove: this surfersview webcam which pans around the Cove from the promenade to the Lighthouse, and Stripercam.Com, which shows a frozen shot of the Cove looking straight at the Lighthouse. The latter camera is in color and is nice at sunset, whereas the former cam gives a better feel for what is going on at the Cove. In fact, a few Saturdays ago my daughter and I watched a little bit of a wedding on the Surfersview cam! You don't see that everyday!

When you click on Stripercam.Com, you may have to choose the camera (there's one looking at the Harbor, and a few others. Click the link on the left that says Live Shore Cams and then pick the description that says "Cape May Beach Cam." There's also another webcam I've linked to once or twice -- it's at La Mer -- but it's not a live cam. It takes snapshots every ten minutes or so and then shows that snapshot for ten minutes, etc etc.

Anyway, I digress. I recently discovered that the Surfers View website now offers a live look at a different Cape May beach. The Surfers View website now brings us not just a webcam at the Cove (the first one described above), but also another live webcam that is pointing at some indeterminate beach in Cape May. If I had to guess, I'd say it's the beach in front of the Inn of Cape May, although like I said that's just a guess. Anyway, if you're missing the sun and fun of Cape May, I recommend checking out these links. You'll find one that suits your fancy!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seaside Home

Breaking News ... Abe Lincoln did not stay in Cape May. Thank you to Shore News Today for that interesting story.

This article, also in the Shore News Today, summarizes the recent City Council meeting and the State of the City. Interesting discusion about Convention Hall, roadwork on the west side of town, and long-range planning.

I mentioned Twitter a few weeks ago. You'll notice I've added a Twitter feed to the left. Twitter is a great place for Cape May info, and I will start trying to feature more info from there over the next few weeks. Right now the Twitter feed only features my 'tweets,' but I intend to tweak it so that it features anyone twittering about #CapeMay. If you think the name "Twitter" sounds ridiculous, I agree. But it is a great resource.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Hot Summer Day

Another nice morning before a hot day to come...

I've been getting a number of hits from people wanting to know what happened with the finale of the fireworks on the 4th. I don't know, but if I find out I'll post the info. I will say that many people thought the ending was a dud, based on the amount of people wondering what happened. In the meantime, here's a nice tv news wrap up of the Fourth of July festivities. Link includes a video.

An update in the Press of AC on the state of the Madison Avenue water tower. Don't ever say I don't bring you interesting, hard-hitting Cape May news.

Finally, Margaret Montet has been updating her NJ.Com blog quite often, and here's her most recent entry about Ocean Drive. This link also includes a video.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a Fourth of July Weekend!

I cannot remember a busier weekend in Cape May over the last couple of years. The media attention was unbelievable; you can scroll through some of the posts from the last several days to see much of it. In all the hubbub, I did not link to the interviews Curtis Bashaw did both locally with the AC Press and nationally with Morning Joe on MSNBC. Both interviews are worth watching.

Another nice thing that happened this weekend without much fanfare was the return of the Lighthouse (you can also see it here, but keep in mind that it is not on during the day). The light had been out of commission for the past few months because of a missing piece, but it was blaring away on July 3rd, if not earlier (that was the first night I noticed it). Nice to see it back.

The action in Cape May led to action on the blog, as I had hundreds of visitors over the weekend and actually hit and passed the Ten Thousandth Visitor mark. For a blog that two years ago probably didn't see its first visitor for a week, that's pretty cool. So thank you for visiting, because I would not keep writing this blog if I didn't think people enjoyed reading it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cape May Fireworks July 4th 2011 - Congress Hall

Today's the day. After checking out the parade on Saturday, and the fireworks in North Cape May on Sunday, today is the day to celebrate the official birthday of the United States. And thanks to Congress Hall, you can see fireworks in Cape May. The key fact: fireworks should start around 9:15 pm and will take place out at sea, fired from a barge just off the Congress Hall beach a bit.

Now here are your details:

9:15pm Fireworks

Sunday, July 3, 2011

North Cape May Fireworks on July 3rd, North Cape May

If you couldn't make it to North Cape May tonight for the fireworks, somebody who did make it was nice enough to share what you missed:

God Bless America!

Sunday Schedule on July 4th Weekend 2011

Obviously, it's Sunday so you may be visiting your favorite house of worship, like the beautiful St. Peter's by the Sea at Cape May Point (photo -->). But what about Fourth of July events? Well, let's see...

Today (Sunday, July 3rd 2011), you should not miss the North Cape May fireworks on the Bay. The Cape May Whale Watcher will have a cruise that allows you to watch the fireworks, or you can just drive out to North Cape May and watch from the beach on the Bay. North Cape May is just minutes from Cape May proper, and you're missing out on a beautiful area if you don't visit at least once during your stay. The fireworks today are a perfect reason to visit, particularly if you can't stay in town for the Fourth of July fireworks because of the need to get back to work on Tuesday. Festivities (including vendors and carnival rides) start at 5pm at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry terminal and also down the bayfront between Lincoln and Emerson.

And if you need directions, here are the easiest directions I can think of from the Cape May Boardwalk: 1. Head south (away from Poverty, towards the Cove) on Beach Drive towards Broadway, make a right on Broadway (which is just a few blocks before Beach Drive ends), go straight on Broadway about two miles or so. You will cross over the 'back bridge' -- sort of the back door entrance to Cape May. At this point you should see signs for the Ferry just after you cross over the bridge. Head up another 1/2 mile or so to Route 9 and make a left onto Rt. 9. About a mile, maybe two, and you will run into the Ferry Terminal and the Bay. You have made it! Enjoy the fireworks!

If you can't make it to North Cape May, you may want to check out the Coast Guard sunset parade, which I think is over by the Coast Guard base (logically), and of course there are the every-evening flag-lowering ceremonies both at the Cove and at Sunset Beach. Both are always special and certainly will be packed with extra meaning this weekend.

Whatever you're doing, enjoy yourself!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Different Kind of Article Than Usual on the Fourth of July Weekend

Here is a fantastic write-up about Red Knots, horseshoe crabs, Reed's Beach, and the nature of the south Jersey peninsula. I have read about the issue of horseshoe crab harvesting and Red Knots before, but this article really gives some great detail and insight on the topic. Worth a read.

The photo above captures horseshoe crabs along the Point beach after they have engaged in the natural cycle described in the above article (I believe). Unfortunately, the pictured birds are laughing gulls, not Red Knots.

Friday, July 1, 2011

NY & Philly Big Media Descends on Oldest Seashore Resort

Congress Hall has a new name?

Always a big deal when the New York Times features a Cape May trip -- this article describes how to spend 36 hours in the oldest seashore resort in the country. Reporter does a pretty good job of it, and there's a creative video called 36 Seconds in Cape May at that same link, if you just look around a bit.

A different NY Media outlet called Untapped New York also featured Cape May in this story. This story has some great photos but the caption for Congress Hall is quite funny. The caption reads: "Another sunset hotspot was a big Congress Hall that was made into a hotel and tavern called The Blue Pig Tavern." This reporter definitely had a hard time reading her own notes, or something.

Not to be outdone by the Big Apple, Kathy Orr of CBS Philly TV does a multi-part video feature on Cape May at this link. She speaks with the author of the recent book on The Chalfonte, and also features Hot Dog Tommy's. Kathy Orr knows Cape May. This much is certain.

Have a great Fourth of July Weekend. Cape May Blog will be updating all weekend so don't forget to check in!