Friday, June 4, 2010

Special Weekend at the Point - The Sisters of St. Joseph

from the Philadelphia Inquirer

I often feature things to do in Cape May on upcoming weekends, but this weekend there is a very special event that you really should attend if you are in the area. The Sisters of St. Joseph are opening their home at the Point for all to see, as part of the 100th Anniversary celebration of the home.

Both the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Atlantic City Press feature the Sisters of Saint Joseph and their St. Mary's By The Sea home in Cape May Point today.

You can read the Inquirer's story HERE and the Press's story THERE. Both stories celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the home. Here's a nice snippet from the Inquirer article:

CAPE MAY POINT, N.J. - It is a storied place, one of prayer and providence.

And when St. Mary-by-the-Sea, a religious retreat owned by the Philadelphia-based Sisters of St. Joseph, throws open its doors this weekend to the public, it will be among the few times it has welcomed nonreligious people into its sacred space during its 100-year history.

Artists, poets, writers, and others can wander the muse they long admired from afar - the distinctive U-shaped, white-framed building, so long the sanctuary and solace for only those in religious life.

The celebration, called "Lifting the Creative Spirit and Tapping the Artist Within," runs Friday through Sunday and includes tours, a wine tasting, an art show and sale, and lectures and workshops in fine art and photography.

"Although this retreat house has been here for 100 years, there is still a sense of mystery about us," said Sister Carol Zinn, who works as the order's general counsel. "So we wanted to take the opportunity to allow the public to see this unique place that for so long has offered peace to so many others."

The Press tells us even more, and summarizes the activities for the public this weekend:

Saturday: Morning and afternoon workshops with artists, poets, writers and photographers. A wine tasting and art auction begin at 6 p.m. Call 609-827-7900 for prices and reservations.

Sunday: Public is welcome at 9 a.m. for Mass. Free tours of St. Mary's from noon to 3 p.m. There also will be an art and print sale. At 11:30 a.m., artists, including amateurs, are invited to go to three locations at the building and paint, draw, sketch or use any medium they want to do renderings of the historic building.

St. Mary-by-the-Sea is located on Lehigh Avenue in Cape May Point.

I will be there in a few weeks; I hope they allow visitors to attend Mass at that time, as well.

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