Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chart Metal Works & The West End Garage

interesting photo courtesy Chartmetalworks blog

A blog named Chartmetalworks has an interesting blurb about Cape May and the West End Garage. What is the West End Garage?

Good question.

So I did a little internet digging. According to its new website, the West End Garage is a

new Cape May destination, but it is not a hotel. The West End Garage has been transformed into a market featuring shops and stalls with local art exhibits, antiques, collectibles, crafts, and fresh, locally produced food specialties. The West End Garage is the primary shopping destination for all guests of Cape May's premier luxury hotels: Congress Hall, The Virginia Hotel and Cottages, The Star, and the Beach Shack.

Its located at 484 Perry Street, which is not particularly close to Congress Hall, thus making me wonder why it tries to connect to the Congress Hall and the other Bashaw-owned properties. And that's your answer, I suspect. It must be owned by Bashaw's group.

Looking forward to checking it out with the missus. And if I understand right, ChartMetalWorks has some nautical-type stuff for sale there. Looking forward to checking them out, too.

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