Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Around the Corner

photo from Aimee Weaver

Summer must be around the corner, Cape May is all over the news and blogs. Aimee Weaver, the photographer of that nice shot above, writes about her weekend trip to Cape May HERE, and her trip includes many great photos worth checking out.

In NJ Monthly, you'll find a good review of The Washington Inn if you click HERE From the review:

Evolution has continued at the Inn, which in its quiet way has remained a standard-bearer in the ever-improving Cape May dining scene. It has managed to retain its status as a distinguished and reliable destination in a beautifully maintained 1840 manor house and yet be contemporary in its culinary presentation and, thanks to a warm and capable staff, a fun place to dine.

And one more blog post for the day, starting with a very Cape May-evocative photo...

who doesn't love Cape May's big green and red trolleys?

You'll find that photo, and a bunch more, at the Happenings at the Hope Chest blog, run by a South Jerseyite blogger who got to spend Mother's Day in Cape May a few weeks ago. Another blog worth checking out for great CM photos.

It seems like those trolleys have been at that corner all my life. Can't wait to ride them again.

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