Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mom, 2007

An awful, despicable disease named ALS took my Mom last July 1, 2009; I shared some Cape May memories with her HERE. Over the last few years she gave her love of Cape May to my children, and in the back of this photo above -- a photo taken between McGlade's and Convention Hall -- you can see my children, and their Uncle Mikey and Aunt Betsy -- making a pyramid on the beach. Some of my favorite photos of my Mom with my children were taken at Uncle Mikey and Aunt Betsy's wedding, and here's one of them:

Mom with Jake

My Mom loved Cape May and Ireland more than anything else other than her husband, children, and children's families. So this Mother's Day I'll share one of her Irish sayings...

Happy Mother's Day.

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