Monday, May 24, 2010

Countdown continues...

if you're here, then you know where these are from...

The big countdown means less than a month until our summer excursion to Cape May; the small countdown involves two days until the blog's one year anniversary. Today we have a hodgepodge of links that reflects the kinds of things I've linked to throughout the past year...

The photo above comes from the Clean Eating and Me blog, written by Candice of Philadelphia. Candice writes about eating good whole and natural foods, and she finds a number of good (and a few bad) things about Cape May eating in her visit to Cape May earlier this month. Uncle Bill's is one of the high points, and that photo looks delicious (well, not the photo but what's in the photo)....! Her blog post is a great read and worth your time.

The Nileguide is either a new, or just new to me, blog that details things to do in A.C. and also the rest of the south Jersey shore. They linked to my site on their blogroll, thus I think this Nileguide is one of the best blogs on the web! Anyway, this weekend the put up a post entitled 5 Useful Websites for Planning Your Trip to the Jersey Shore. They mentioned some good ones, including the MAC's great site. They did not mention, however, The Cape May Times, one of the older Cape May sites on the web, and one of the best for getting good deals. The photo above of Beach Avenue is from their homepage; to get good deals at the Cape May Times, check out this article and the links at the bottom of the article.

Have a great week!

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