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From the blog Librarian's Muse, comes this little tidbit of information:

More on the name May and New Jersey
Cornelis Jacobsz May, sometimes spelled Mey or Meij was a Dutch explorer, captain and fur trader, and namesake of Cape May, Cape May County, and the city of Cape May, New Jersey, so named first in 1620. http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/Cornelius-Jacobsen-Mey
1740 - Captain George May, an agent for the London Company, sailed up the Great Egg Harbor River and found an area rich in oak and pine which was perfect for shipbuilding.
1756 - Captain May bought land near Babcock Creek and later established a trading post and shipyard.
1778 - Center of town started being recognized as "Mays Landing."

That's what I call random. And in other random news, the Cape May County Herald reports that Cape May has told West Cape May's Fire Department not to respond to Cape May fires. This seems really, really stupid, but here's the article:

WEST CAPE MAY — Cape May Fire Chief Jerry Inderwies Jr. sent a letter dated April 6 to West Cape May Public Safety Commissioner Ramsey Geyer notifying the borough as of April 1, 2010, Cape May will no longer utilize the services of the West Cape May Fire Company. (Click here to download Inderwies letter)

In the letter, Inderwies said “it all comes down to one thing: SAFTETY.” He said while Cape May has offered their training and assistance to West Cape Fire Company, it has not accepted it.

“Chief McPherson has refused to adequately train his personnel to levels accepted by neighboring fire departments,” said Inderwies in the letter. “In addition, McPherson has ignored polices and procedures agreed upon at local chiefs meetings.”

In response, McPherson replied in an April 9 letter. He said safety has always been a major concern of the West Cape May Fire Company noting he sent three members to a national seminar covering fire injury and death in New York on March 13.
McPherson said there were at least three drills in which some of his members trained with Cape May Fire Department. (Click here to download McPhereson letter)

“I have been fire chief much longer than you have and have worked with a least four other chiefs from Cape May City and I have always worked well with them in a very professional manner,” he said.
McPherson said all his personnel have the necessary training as required by the State Fire Bureau.

“For you to make a statement that you will no longer utilize West Cape May’s services in fighting fires shows you have little concern for the citizens and visitors of Cape May,” said McPherson in his letter.

The matter will be discussed at Wednesday's West Cape May Borough Commission meeting at 7 p.m. at Borough Hall, 732 Broadway.


And finally, since you made it this far again, two photos -- one nice, one funny -- for you:

Sunset Beach in Mid-April 2010 and, by the same flickr photographer...

a photo called "On the Rocks in Cape May".... you can click either photo to be taken to the Flickr photostream by our intrepid, and humorous, photographer.

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