Friday, April 9, 2010

Memory Lane

How about some photos of Cape May back in the day? Here's a shot of Beach Drive circa 1916 (that looks like the old Lafayette Hotel to the left):

For a better feel for where the old "Lafayette Hotel" was, look at this photo:

In this photo above, that's the Lafayette Hotel to the right and to the left is what we now call Cabanas (Maureen's a few years ago), but back then was Arnold's Cafe. Still not entirely sure where we are? Look at this photo:

That's the Marquis de Lafayette to the right, which stands where the Lafayette used to stand. This is not my favorite corner in Cape May, but certainly in the Top 10 or so... thanks to CapeMay.Com for the last two photos, where you can learn more about these photos HERE.

Have a great Spring Weekend!

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