Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lost and Found

In the past I have featured an old Windsor Hotel postcard which I found in old furniture owned by my grandparents and handed down to me and my family. My grandparents -- particularly my grandfather -- instilled his love for Cape May in our entire family.

Anyway, over this weekend, the bookmark to the right fell out of one of my grandfather's old Law-related books -- "How Lawyers Think." As a lawyer, I would like to know how we think. But anyway, I was thrilled when I picked up the book and this bookmark fell out of the book. I don't remember this store, and I believe it may be where the Washington St. Gallery is now. It wasn't Keltie's, based on the location. And that phone number is not accurate anymore, either, so don't call it! I love finding stuff like this. If anyone remembers this store, please share a story about it!

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