Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beautiful Essay Inspired by Cape May

[sorry for the late update today. Duty called.]

A woman named Maria with a blog named Maria's Blog gives us a beautiful essay inspired by Cape May... click the following paragraph (a selection from the essay) to read the whole essay (which mentions Cape May):

As I finally manage to make my way back to our shore house where the remainder of my family lays asleep, oblivious to the scene just outside their window, my mind wonders back to the days when my father and I use to walk these same beaches together when I was a little girl. I am so easily taken back to those days, just the smell of the ocean, crash of the waves, or sight of a seashell will send my mind on a wild frenzy. In my mind, I can see my father and me walking with his hand fully encasing the tiny hand of his only little girl. We walk along the shoreline, stopping to pick up any seashells that we think my mother would like. I am rambling off any question that enters my mind, and my father patiently answers every last one of them until I am satisfied. I was too young to appreciate that moment and all it was worth. I never took the time to really look at the sunrise that was happening right before me, and I certainly never took the time to appreciate this moment with my father. As my mind snaps back into reality, I am in front of our little pink shore house, taking a last glimpse at the risen sun, and in that moment vowing to never let the simple joys in life pass me by.

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