Thursday, April 29, 2010

Southern Mansion Reviewed

The Southern Mansion gets a feature at Always a Blogsmaid website today. From the review:

Built in 1860, The Southern Mansion is the largest, premier luxury Cape May B&B. The Southern Mansion has it all… rich in history, architecture and with award-winning gardens, it provides the ideal backdrop for a romantic weekend getaway.

This "always a blogsmaid" website helps those planning a wedding. You could do worse than having the wedding on the beach and the reception at the Southern Mansion, this is for sure.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Tribute To America's Greatest Generation

a neat photo of the WW2 Lookout Tower

The Cape May County Herald has a nice article about the upcoming Armed Forces Day tribute to America's Greatest Generation, scheduled for May 15:

Cape May— Pay tribute to the dedicated men and women who have helped preserve our freedom and honor America’s “greatest generation” on Armed Forces Day, Saturday, May 15 at Cape May’s World War II Lookout Tower (Fire Control Tower No. 23) Museum & Memorial.

The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC) is hosting an event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the World War II Lookout Tower to highlight the Cape May area’s role during the war years, honor veterans and celebrate Armed Forces Day.

A ceremony to honor area veterans will start at 11 a.m. Reverend Jeff Elliott from the Cape May Lutheran Church will lead an invocation. World War II veterans who volunteer their time to MAC and the World War II Lookout Tower will receive certificates of appreciation.

Reenactors from Fort Miles and Fort Mott will be on hand and will discuss the important role Cape May and the Tower played during the war years. Military, craft and food vendors will set up shop in the parking lot across from the tower.

Free admission to the events on the grounds. Present or past members of the military showing a military ID or wearing any part of a military uniform will have free admission to climb the Tower. Regular admission to climb the Tower is $6 for adults and $3 for children (ages 3-12). The Tower is located on Sunset Boulevard in Lower Township, near Cape May Point.

Fire Control Tower No. 23 was part of the immense Harbor Defense of the Delaware system known as Fort Miles. Built in 1942, the tower was one of fifteen concrete lookout towers that helped aim batteries of coastal artillery, stretching from North Wildwood, N.J. to Bethany Beach, DE. Four were in Cape May County, N.J.—the towers located in North Wildwood and Wildwood Crest were torn down and a third tower is located inside Cape May’s Grand Hotel, Beach and Philadelphia avenues.

After the award-winning restoration, visitors can climb to the sixth floor observation platform at the top and see equipment used to determine firing coordinates for massive guns on both sides of the Delaware Bay. Each level of the tower includes interpretive panels and photos that explain the tower’s function, as well as Cape May’s important role in homeland defense during World War II. The third level of the tower is dedicated to the brave men and women from the Cape May area who served during World War II and contains the “Wall of Honor” as well as “Cape May’s World War II Honor Roll.

I wish I could attend!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

America's Prettiest Cities

The Abbey (of course)

According to THIS BLOG, "America's Prettiest Cities" were announced this week. And of course, Cape May made the grade. I assume this is tied to Yahoo Travel's recent story on Cape May, but I don't know for sure. Anyway, here's an interesting photo for you from the blog I cite above:

What house is this? It looks a little like the Skinner House near the old Windsor but I don't think that's right. Can anyone help me here?

News on Convention Hall

Jack Fichter has the latest news on the twists and turns of the New Convention Hall saga. His in-depth story reviews the last five years of debate, discussion and change. All I know is, the dithering needs to stop. Nothing wrong with being frugal -- the 'temporary' convention hall lasted forty-plus years. And many wonderful memories were born there.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tulip Festival Saturday the 24th

Yes, I missed the Tulip Festival this weekend. But at least you can enjoy these great photos related to the festival!

Jack Bingham's 'Cape May 2' Artwork

I featured Jack Bingham's pastel Cape May paintings last week, and now he returns with "Cape May 2." This artwork -- seen above -- is more obviously a work of Cape May, with the lighthouse and the meadows in the picture. You can buy this artwork HERE.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Queen Victoria B'n'B gets a great review

Read a great, in-depth review of the Queen Victoria Bed & Breakfast by clicking THIS LINK. Obviously, this blogger was very happy with her stay at the Queen Victoria.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sea glass mobiles

Now here's something you don't see everyday. Jewelry and art crafted from sea glass found on the Cape May shoreline. Check out this website to see examples of works from all over -- but the photo above is from Cape May.

Friday, April 23, 2010

photo from Exit Zero

I have featured Ben Miller many times, a Cape May historian, author, and column-writer for Exit Zero. His new column can be read HERE; it's about the old yacht clubs in town, and their history. Check him, and Exit Zero, out. I'm glad Exit Zero is now online so those of us who love it can share the love with others!

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cape May Painting A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

A "Daily Painter" -- he paints daily -- named Jack Bingham is paiting a series of paintings of Cape May, leading up to a painting of the lighthouse. Here's the first:

I will follow his progress and provide updates, as these things are always interesting. And you can buy this work ON EBAY.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cape May Artists

beach photo by Thomas Pohlig

Don't forget about
Thomas Pohlig when you are looking for some great Cape May art or photography. You can read more about Mr. Pohlig HERE and see more of his art THERE. I think his work is fantastic and do not know him from Adam. I just like his work and encourage you to check him out!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lost and Found

In the past I have featured an old Windsor Hotel postcard which I found in old furniture owned by my grandparents and handed down to me and my family. My grandparents -- particularly my grandfather -- instilled his love for Cape May in our entire family.

Anyway, over this weekend, the bookmark to the right fell out of one of my grandfather's old Law-related books -- "How Lawyers Think." As a lawyer, I would like to know how we think. But anyway, I was thrilled when I picked up the book and this bookmark fell out of the book. I don't remember this store, and I believe it may be where the Washington St. Gallery is now. It wasn't Keltie's, based on the location. And that phone number is not accurate anymore, either, so don't call it! I love finding stuff like this. If anyone remembers this store, please share a story about it!

Pick it up!

Cape May Mag's Spring 2010 Cover

If you love Cape May, then you need to subscribe to Cape May Magazine. I received the Spring edition today, and they continue to churn out a great magazine, full of great photos, stories, and smiles. This edition's "This is Cape May" photo is the second-best I've ever seen, and it is only second-best because they picked my photo of my son back in the first year or so of publication as the photo of the month (the one with the boy fishing at dawn on Poverty Beach? That's my boy!)

Anyway, there are great stories in there this month, including a great in-depth look at the Lady Mary tragedy. You should definitely pick it up pronto, and you should be subscribing! This is an unpaid endorsement!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lucky Bones Backwater Grille in Cape May

Great review of Lucky Bones Restaurant at Jersey Bites restaurant review site. Read it by clicking this link:
Lucky Bones Backwater Grille in Cape May

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Postcards from the Past

I thought I'd surf the google to find some great old postcards...presented for your memories, views of the Colonial, the boardwalk, some "tents on the beach" that, at least according to the card, are actually on a Cape May beach, and the Windsor.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Here is a great shot from Flickr of the inside of the Inn of Cape May, and the photographer includes this description...:

"In the fall of 1894, William H. Church, a contractor and builder, of West Cape May, began work on a 60-room boarding house at the foot of Ocean Street opposite the Star Villas, one of the most delightful locations on the beachfront.
The structure was to be four stories high with a French roof and roomy porches from which there would always be an unobstructed view. The house was to be fitted throughout with steam heat in order to remain open all year. Gas lights were installed and an electric ball system. Special family rates were offered. One hundred thirty-five guests could be accommodated. It was to be known as the Colonial and to be operated by the builder himself.
The present day Colonial is much larger, since the ell extending toward the beach was added later. Under the management of Mr. Fite, an attractive lawn and a swimming pool have greatly enhanced the appearance of the hotel making it one of the show places of Cape May."

And here's another shot from the same photographer (link right HERE):

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beautiful Essay Inspired by Cape May

[sorry for the late update today. Duty called.]

A woman named Maria with a blog named Maria's Blog gives us a beautiful essay inspired by Cape May... click the following paragraph (a selection from the essay) to read the whole essay (which mentions Cape May):

As I finally manage to make my way back to our shore house where the remainder of my family lays asleep, oblivious to the scene just outside their window, my mind wonders back to the days when my father and I use to walk these same beaches together when I was a little girl. I am so easily taken back to those days, just the smell of the ocean, crash of the waves, or sight of a seashell will send my mind on a wild frenzy. In my mind, I can see my father and me walking with his hand fully encasing the tiny hand of his only little girl. We walk along the shoreline, stopping to pick up any seashells that we think my mother would like. I am rambling off any question that enters my mind, and my father patiently answers every last one of them until I am satisfied. I was too young to appreciate that moment and all it was worth. I never took the time to really look at the sunrise that was happening right before me, and I certainly never took the time to appreciate this moment with my father. As my mind snaps back into reality, I am in front of our little pink shore house, taking a last glimpse at the risen sun, and in that moment vowing to never let the simple joys in life pass me by.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


From the blog Librarian's Muse, comes this little tidbit of information:

More on the name May and New Jersey
Cornelis Jacobsz May, sometimes spelled Mey or Meij was a Dutch explorer, captain and fur trader, and namesake of Cape May, Cape May County, and the city of Cape May, New Jersey, so named first in 1620. http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/Cornelius-Jacobsen-Mey
1740 - Captain George May, an agent for the London Company, sailed up the Great Egg Harbor River and found an area rich in oak and pine which was perfect for shipbuilding.
1756 - Captain May bought land near Babcock Creek and later established a trading post and shipyard.
1778 - Center of town started being recognized as "Mays Landing."

That's what I call random. And in other random news, the Cape May County Herald reports that Cape May has told West Cape May's Fire Department not to respond to Cape May fires. This seems really, really stupid, but here's the article:

WEST CAPE MAY — Cape May Fire Chief Jerry Inderwies Jr. sent a letter dated April 6 to West Cape May Public Safety Commissioner Ramsey Geyer notifying the borough as of April 1, 2010, Cape May will no longer utilize the services of the West Cape May Fire Company. (Click here to download Inderwies letter)

In the letter, Inderwies said “it all comes down to one thing: SAFTETY.” He said while Cape May has offered their training and assistance to West Cape Fire Company, it has not accepted it.

“Chief McPherson has refused to adequately train his personnel to levels accepted by neighboring fire departments,” said Inderwies in the letter. “In addition, McPherson has ignored polices and procedures agreed upon at local chiefs meetings.”

In response, McPherson replied in an April 9 letter. He said safety has always been a major concern of the West Cape May Fire Company noting he sent three members to a national seminar covering fire injury and death in New York on March 13.
McPherson said there were at least three drills in which some of his members trained with Cape May Fire Department. (Click here to download McPhereson letter)

“I have been fire chief much longer than you have and have worked with a least four other chiefs from Cape May City and I have always worked well with them in a very professional manner,” he said.
McPherson said all his personnel have the necessary training as required by the State Fire Bureau.

“For you to make a statement that you will no longer utilize West Cape May’s services in fighting fires shows you have little concern for the citizens and visitors of Cape May,” said McPherson in his letter.

The matter will be discussed at Wednesday's West Cape May Borough Commission meeting at 7 p.m. at Borough Hall, 732 Broadway.


And finally, since you made it this far again, two photos -- one nice, one funny -- for you:

Sunset Beach in Mid-April 2010 and, by the same flickr photographer...

a photo called "On the Rocks in Cape May".... you can click either photo to be taken to the Flickr photostream by our intrepid, and humorous, photographer.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


There is a new blog called Beth's Thoughts and Travels, a blog featuring the birding of a Cape May local. By "new" I mean "new to me," although the blog is only a few months old. She really focuses on the birds themselves, so it's tough to get a flavor of Cape May other than a flavor very specifically of the birds in Cape May. The photo of the piping plovers above is hers, and I recommend checking her blog out for some really nice birding photos.

And since I'm featuring birding today,

don't forget about Mike Crewe's Brit Birder in Cape May blog, which he regularly updates (with photos like the seagull above). Mike's blog is always very interesting and educational.

And finally, since you made it to the bottom of today's post, here's a nice Cape May sunset that was just posted to Flickr. Have a great day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

good solid cape may photos

Many nice photos, like the one above of the Skinner House, at this journey into the past blog, that documents many of the great historical sites in our country.

Poverty Beach Painting

Poverty Beach, the east end beach of Cape May, is one of my favorite beaches in town. The photo above shows its beauty. Lynn Snyder, an artist, has an oil painting blog which includes a great rendering of the above photo, as you can see --

This painting, and others like it, is for sale, although I'm not sure how to buy it. I would contact the artist at her blog if you're interested.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

a little of this a little of that

I thought I had done a post on Cape May "fonts" several months back, but can't find it now. anyway, another font-specialist wants to know what that street-sign font is. You can see the discussion HERE.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Ocean Drive Marathon... here you can read an expert's TAKE on how well (or not well) it was run. I have to say that if the only reason the race goes all the way to Sea Isle is b/c the race director lives there, that's pretty lame. Why not turn it around in North Wildwood and run back to Cape May, and run through some of the beautiful parts of CM on the way?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Memory Lane

How about some photos of Cape May back in the day? Here's a shot of Beach Drive circa 1916 (that looks like the old Lafayette Hotel to the left):

For a better feel for where the old "Lafayette Hotel" was, look at this photo:

In this photo above, that's the Lafayette Hotel to the right and to the left is what we now call Cabanas (Maureen's a few years ago), but back then was Arnold's Cafe. Still not entirely sure where we are? Look at this photo:

That's the Marquis de Lafayette to the right, which stands where the Lafayette used to stand. This is not my favorite corner in Cape May, but certainly in the Top 10 or so... thanks to CapeMay.Com for the last two photos, where you can learn more about these photos HERE.

Have a great Spring Weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

20 Seconds in Cape May

This video will make you want to jump in your car and drive to Cape May right now:

There is no place on Earth more peaceful, or beautiful.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cape May -- Last Week

I love checking out people's blog postings on Cape May. It's a way to stay up-to-date with what Cape May looks like day-by-day, what changed and what hasn't changed. The above photo of a Cape May driveway, along with some other Cape May photos from last week, can be found at the blog entry right HERE. It's always interesting to see what somebody else thinks is worthy of a photo.

And in more regular blogging news, you can find Mike Crewe's latest brit bird blogger in Cape May blog entry right HERE.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

EXIT ZERO has new website

Exit Zero Magazine is one of the great Cape May reads. They publish weekly; Jack Wright, Ben Miller, and Terry O'Brien always give us good stuff about goings-on around town. Terry's column, the Undertow, always cracks me up -- you can read it HERE. Nice to see them upgrading the old website.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lobster House Makes the List

A well-respected restaurants website LISTS the top 100 grossing independent restaurants in the nation... and lo and behold, our own Lobster House makes the Top 50, as you can see if you click HERE. Quite an accomplishment when you note that the Lobster House is more of a seasonal restaurant than almost all the other restaurants on the list. Congrats, Lobster House!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday rainbow

You can find this photo, and it's photographer, right here. The photographer notes that this photo was taken "betwween two buildings" in Cape May. I suspect it is between McGlade's and Convention Hall. A nice shot for this Easter weekend, full of beauty in nature and in faith.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Catching up on some April Fool's Birding Humor

the Point, from NJ.Com

For examples of birding humor, you must click HERE. Scroll down for the rarely-seen Easter Peeps in full plumage on the Cape May beaches. I didn't know Peeps could fly!

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Arrives and Cape May Coming Alive

Is there anything better than the Bogle Brothers and their Original Fudge Kitchen. This youtube video about what they do for Easter is priceless:

I wonder if it's too late to get those eggs shipped to me and my children???

In other news, Susan Tischler of CapeMay.Com and Cape May Magazine has an excellent preview of
What's Happening in April HERE.

A newbie visits Cape May HERE.

Apparently the goofy Ghost Hunters visited the Southern Mansion HERE.

Have a great April Fool's Day!