Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Odd News About Chairs...

Convention Hall's Chairs keep making the news. Click the link for video, or read the story here (but I recommend watching the video):

CAPE MAY-- From the stage curtain to the disco ball, everything must go here at Cape May Convention Hall.

“It's a great place it has such a great history,” said Cape May resident George Kaffenberg.

This place will soon be history, demolished to make way for a new hall. The city is selling all of the items left inside through an online auction, govdeals.com, and has attracted an illustrious bidder.

“We were contacted last week by Universal Studios, that is of course a movie production company, expressing interest in chairs that we have listed,” said Bruce MacLeod, City Manager of Cape May.

333 old folding chairs, now sitting in a dark corner, may find their way into the limelight. Though old and outdated Cape May officials say that's exactly what Hollywood is looking for.

“They recognize them as being from a 1970s style or vintage. It sounds like they have plans to do a movie from that time period,” said MacLeod.

They are just one of the many parts that make up the building that's been here since the 60s, and some are sad to see the historic hall go.

“You can feel it when you're here, you can feel the history,” said Cape May resident Eileen Purcell.

Bidding, however, will close this evening. The retro chairs that had Hollywood calling were sold for over $1,500. Unfortunately, officials cannot find out who the winning bidder is but will keep an eye out the next time they are at the movies.

“Maybe we will see it in a big movie that will win an Oscar and we wouldn't know the people but we would say hey I know these chairs,” said Purcell.

“I don't know if we would get mentioned in the credits of the movie for it but it has brought some attention to the city,” said MacLeod.

A city that many feel has a rich history to share, possibly one day on the big screen.

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