Friday, March 12, 2010

"Mainly a Midwife" gives us a great Cape May photo and story

It's blog entries like THIS ONE which caused me to start this blog. Click that blog to time travel back to 1974, and be amazed by what's changed ... but more what remains the same. I have highlighted blog entries like this in the past, but lately haven't had much luck in finding new posts like this one (which includes the full version of the partial photo above). I will try harder to find good entries like this going forward. Happy Friday!


  1. This was taken in 1974. We were in Cape May to take care of my Great Aunt Myrtle...while she napped, we ran to the beach! What a delight to see this photo again!
    Midwife Liz's Mom

  2. Thank you for visiting, Laurel! That is a great photo and it is so nice to hear from someone connected to the photo! -Mark