Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cape May in Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated recently put their entire written history on the web. A search for the term "Cape May" gave me a few interesting articles...

From January 16, 1956, a five-page article about the Christmas Bird Count throughout the country. Pages 2-3 focus on Cape May; you can read the story HERE.

And more recently, on August 18, 2003, they shared the story of the National Lifeguard Championships, which took place in Cape May that year.

And finally, in a short but delightful August 16, 1954 ARTICLE, the Sports Illustrated reader learns that:

"Back in 1847 Henry Clay, relaxing on the beach at Cape May, was set upon by a horde of female admirers who cut snips of his hair for souvenirs, a fate such as might befall Eddie Fisher today. Cape May and its main rival, Long Branch, have given air-conditioned relief from the Washington summer to Presidents Lincoln, Grant, Pierce, Buchanan, Harrison, Hayes, James Garfield and Woodrow Wilson."

The second sentence includes the well-worn list of Presidents who spent time in Cape May, but that story of Henry Clay is priceless... at least, it's one I can never recall hearing previously.

There are a few other stories in those archives, but these are some of the high points. Thank you, Sports Illustrated, for the trip down memory lane.

Happy Sunday!

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