Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a storm

Very interesting (a bit herky-jerky) cleanup of the Mall video here...


You will find a good news story about the snow storm HERE from WMGM... from the story:

WILDWOOD-- Only hours after the governor declared a state of emergency for Saturday’s storm, South Jersey is bombarded with another winter blast. Minutes after snow started to fall conditions appeared to worsen in an already troubled Cape May County.

The flash from an arching wire on a residential street in North Wildwood is one of emergency management crew's worst fears, proving this storm could undo a tireless 3��"day effort to clean up last weekend's blizzard.

“Anything less then a total snowstorm is not good news for Cape May County and is certainly going to present a challenge, perhaps like we've never seen before, dealing with winter storms,” said Director of Cape May County Emergency Management Communications Center Frank McCall.

As the precipitation falls on Wildwood emergency management crews are concerned about the rain this storm will bring.

“There will be freezing rains; ice will overflow onto currently existing conditions. All of the storm drains are clogged most of the outflow pipes are full of ice,” said McCall.

The county has done all it can to prepare. Cape May County crews are hitting the roads to spread as much of the 2,500 tons of road salt as they need. The Red Cross is also lending a hand to play a larger role.

“In anticipation of a greater need for shelter we are opening two super shelters,” said Cape May County Communications Director Lenora Boninfante. She added,” They are going to be county shelters with the assistance of the Red Cross.

These super shelters will be located at the Woodbine Developmental Center and the Wildwoods Convention Center. The Red Cross will supply centers with everything from medical aid to over 5,000 cots.

Existing shelters like the one in Wildwood Crest will stay open to help the thousands without power who are just thankful they have somewhere to go.

“We pull together as a community and we're all here to help each other,” said Kathy Thompson of Wildwood Crest.

The county has also set up 16 transition centers to transport residents to the two super shelters.

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