Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Exit Zero Magazine for the serious Cape May addict

Exit Zero Magazine is a relatively new (i.e. less than ten years old) magazine that chronicles many of the goings-on in Cape May all year long. It is published weekly, and all but four issues are b&w and printed on newspaper-type paper. Four times a year, they print a more formal and color magazine-type publication. These are usually particularly gorgeous -- the photo above is the front cover of this year's Memorial Day issue, one of those color issues. As you can see, it does really catch the eye. I don't know all the participants behind Exit Zero, but I do know one of the principals, Jason Black, a great guy.

Exit Zero is filled with restaurant reviews, photos, reviews of upcoming events, and sometimes historical pieces. For example, the Memorial Day issue has a great piece on the history behind the Christian Admiral, which I've mentioned before.

If you're in Cape May on vacation or what have you, you probably know Exit Zero is free for the taking all over town. If you're out of town, they charge $47 for a year's subscription, which basically means they are asking you to pay little more than postage for a great little read and way to keep in touch with Cape May from a distance.

Lastly, don't forget to check out the website. They have several books for sale; I know that one of them, the Insider's Guide to Cape May, is a handy-dandy little book that give many insider tips about Cape May that I did not know before reading the book. I'm sure their newest book The First Resort-- will be a must-read, too.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words about my Christian Admiral piece!

    Ben Miller
    Exit Zero