Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My last post talked about how you can "see" Cape May live even when you're not there, via the magic of the internet. You can also "hear" a part of the town, as well. On Oldies 94 WIBBAGE Radio, you can hear the local oldies station down the shore. Over <<<<< to the left you'll see the webpage for one of their great DJs along with some Oldies swag the listeners can win if they know oldies trivia... and their oldies are not just 50s/60s, but also Philly Soul, and even some disco. A great mix for a reason -- unlike most oldies stations -- and other radio stations these days -- Oldies 94/WIBBAGE is locally owned and operated. Because of this, there are some great locally-produced commercials for some of your favorite Cape May institutions, like the Original Fudge Kitchen, Lucky Bones, and others. Plus, you regularly get updates on doings at the Shore. I will write more about the station's DJs at another time. But check it out! In case you missed the link, it is: Oldies 94 WIBBAGE Radio!

UPDATE: Some of the links in this blog post no longer work. Please click HERE to listen to Wibbage. That link will bring you to the new homepage (looks like the old one), and then click "Listen Live" to the left on the page in order to listen. Clicking "Listen Live" should bring up Windows Media Player and a live feed of 94.3. For more information about the change, click here.

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