Friday, May 29, 2009

Let's "TAWK" Cape May

My wife -- a southerner -- likes to make fun of my vestigial New Jersey accent. I deny its existence but in that vein I present a few internet forums where you can tawk -- I mean talk -- about Cape May. The oldest internet 'bulletin board' or discussion board of which I am familiar is at the - NJ.Com Cape May Forum Page. Sometimes this unmoderated forum descends into trivial namecalling, but it's still a decent place to learn some details about the goings on in Cape May. For example, if you want to know whether Two-Mile Inn will re-open, this forum regularly includes talk about that institution.

Another board -- moderated so a bit 'higher class' -- can be found at the Trip Advisor Website. Here, the discussion is very knowledgeable and focused, with very specific conversation regarding specific restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc. It can be quiet for days or weeks at a time but then if someone asks a good question, many people chime in. If you look around the Trip Advisor site, you will also find excellent in-depth customer reviews of most of the places available to stay in Cape May.

Finally, the Cape May County Herald on-line version of the newspaper has a discussion board it calls Spout Off. I don't check in there much, as the commenters take the title of the forum to heart -- that is, they often seem a bit angry, thus 'spouting off.' But perhaps the locals get more out of it than I do.

There's a few other boards I know of that get into Cape May stuff, but their primary focus is other topics. Perhaps I'll mention them another day.

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